Are YOU ready to shed fat and feel great?  Join my exclusive IGNITE 42-Day fat loss program, and you WILL get lean and super fit!

This program is designed to produce maximum performance in your body, both externally and internally, and includes an exclusive assessment process before you begin.

You'll begin with comprehensive health, nutrition and exercise history evaluations along with a thorough assessment of your goals.  Critical areas that can have a significant impact on your results, including sleep, stress, and digestion will also be assessed.  Suggestions for improvement, if needed, will be given.

Next, a  digital posture and movement analysis will be performed.   I'll develop a stretching program to correct your imbalances based on your results. This step significantly reduces your chance of injury and will get your body moving the way it should.   Video demonstrations of each exercise will be provided.

Your next step is an InBody Scan.   This will give me your exact amount of body fat and lean muscle, as well as your hydration status.    You'll scan once per week, and I will monitor your numbers and fine tune your nutrition program as needed.

Once your assessments are completed, I will develop your step by step nutrition plan with precise amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates needed to achieve maximum results.    Instructions, along with a list of acceptable foods and grocery list will be provided.

You're now ready to start exercising!  Based on your goals and assessments, I will recommend how many small group sessions you'll need to attend weekly.  My team of professional coaches will guide you through every rep!

We’ll have one initial meeting to discuss your assessment results and your nutrition program, along with one 15-minute call with me each week to answer questions and keep you on track.  My team of professional coaches will ensure your workouts are the best!

Ready to shed fat and feel great?   Text IGNITE to 314-265-3503 and I'll follow up to see if this program fits your needs.   I'm currently accepting 10 participants in this program and spots fill up fast!   Text IGNITE to 314-265-3503 to get started.

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