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We all have a story and a reason WHY we want to get in shape.  Maybe you have memories of a pivotal time in your life that had a significant impact?  Whatever it might be, dig deep, find your 'Why" and let it fuel you to your goal!  NEVER GIVE UP!!

When I was 12 years old I hung out with an older “cool” kid who I idolized. I remember working out with him in his basement and thinking “man, if I could look like that!” He had a lean Bruce Lee build. 

One weekend we went on a float trip together. I took my shirt off and he looked right at me and said “man! You have tits!” I still think about that every time I’m in a situation where I might need to take my shirt off or wear something tight.  Words are powerful.   They can make us or break us.

That one moment in time changed my life. It fueled a passion and desire to obtain the lean athletic look and NEVER have that happen again. 

I’m 4 months away from turning 50. My entire life and career has been dedicated to nutrition and fitness.  In my quest for that lean athletic look, I’ve tried every nutrition program on the planet.  I've always battled and pushed myself to extremes to obtain what I was finally beginning to think wasn’t possible for me.  The leanest I’d ever been was 12-13 percent body fat, only to rebound back up to the 20 percent range.  The biggest rebound was my before pic below  (approximately 3 years ago) I hit 30 plus percent body fat.  😵😵.   Life happens quick.   Curveballs will come.   Your body can get derailed.   BUT, it doesn't have to!

After 50 years of trying to figure it all out, I finally did it.  

SB Before and After.JPG

I have a bulletproof plan that is simple to follow and allows you to eat a HUGE variety of foods, including your favorite cheat meals, if done properly.   

If you're reading this, I'm sure you're probably trying to figure out what will work for YOU!  I have the answer.   If you want to FINALLY get the body you've been chasing,  sign up for our newsletter below and I'll send you the plan.

And yes, I sent that cool kid my pics and said hey man, how do my tits look now!


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